The 18 best innovative concepts in France applying the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ are revealed

The 18 best innovative concepts in France applying the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ are revealed

The 18 best innovative concepts in France applying the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ are revealed

The 18 finalists of the 4th Blue Ocean Awards

Organized by the business school HEC Paris, the consulting cabinet AXESSIO Innovation Strategies Division and the French Ministry for Economy and Finance, Blue Ocean Awards have selected its finalists for its 4th edition. From almost 400 submissions, were picked the 18 best business offerings. These start-ups have demonstrated an extraordinary approach to customers and non-customers key issues and needs: they have created their own new markets, using Value Innovation, making their competition irrelevant.

Every Thursday during the month of October 2017, candidates have pitched in front of the Blue Ocean Awards jury and have shared their offerings. Finalists have presented features and characteristics of their product or service, strategy and innovation.

Visitors of the Blue Ocean Award will have the opportunity to discover the offerings of the 18 finalist companies and meet their executives, within the « Finalist Lounge », during all day of Blue Ocean Awards, on the 15th of December. Get your ticket (free): https://blue-ocean-awards-2017.eventbrite.fr

From these 18 finalists, 8 companies will be awarded by a Blue Ocean Award, during the closing ceremony on the 15th of December 2017, at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance. Participants can win in three nominations: Baby, Mentor and Societal.


Finalist companies

  1. CleanCup for a company without cups, turnkey solution that distributes, collects, and washes automatically, on site, reusable cups in order to eradicate the use of disposable cups.

We participate in the Blue Ocean Awards to justify our expertise on the market analysis and differentiation strategy from our competitors.” – Eléonore Blondeau, President

  1. Alertgasoil– for companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing fuel consumption: theft and waste elimination, real-time consumption control, fill-ups optimization, measurement and control of the carbon footprint, vehicles location, etc.

Our innovation is the result of perseverance to the service of a dream: to bring solutions for a pragmatic sustainable development.” – Eric Elkaim, CEO

  1. Ipoome– my personal network becomes my investor through my smartphone: artificial intelligence identifies the investors present in my network and closes the investment via a conversational robot.

Winning this prize would shed light on two innovations not currently used by companies” – Guillaume Tourniaire, Co-founder

  1. Brandsays – security solution to tackle brand identity theft, illicit sale and counterfeiting, in allowing brands to warn their customers in real time if they visit a fraudulent website.

It is a unique opportunity to promote our disruptive solution and our commitment towards childhood through Esperancia, a foundation” – Frédéric Jung, Managing Director

  1. Monbanquet– catering for companies based on local artisans to discover my district makers and their specialties.

The Blue Ocean Awards are a great way to affirm our unique position on the market. It would be a good sign for all our partners that we are on the right path to new value creation all together!” – Maxime Renault, Co-founder & CEO

  1. Co-Recyclagewhen giving is less expensive than trash due to the furniture reuse between companies or public administrations.

We participated at Blue Ocean Awards because Co-Recyclage, ESS start-up, created its blue ocean and revolutionizes the world of waste by optimizing the reuse of furniture and materials through digital tools and innovative solutions.” – Renaud Attal, Co-Founder & Managing Director

  1. Mip-Robotics– makes industrial robotics accessible to any companies with robots assisting directly the operators in their daily flexible tasks.

We participate at Blue Ocean Awards to provide visibility to our company and to take advantage of the prestigious network of partners.” – Gonzague Gridel, Co-founder & CEO


  1. Orbital Views  – space tourism for all, we can all discover space!

The Blue Ocean Awards expose the best ventures in innovation. The Blue Ocean method structures our strategy: it is the launch tower for our rocket!” – Amaury Solignac, Managing Director

  1. Elly– the slow-dating service to humanize the date or the “anti-Tinder”

As we’re trying to create a disruptive dating service, it was important for us to challenge our product and also the thoughts that led us to where we are. Especially in front of people able to understand how we get there. Get Feedbacks about how to use it even more efficiently” – Vincent Larroque, Co-founder

  1. LuckyCart– optimized promotions in points of sales through lottery pushing the right offer to the right person at the right time.

Good way to better understand Blue Ocean Concept, boost our company image and network.” – Romain Charles, Chief Sales Officer

  1. Openwoodnew kind of professional furniture: design, ecological and made in France by local craftsmen.

Developing to innovate require both R&D and communication efforts. To propose professional furniture offering responsible and made locally everywhere in France we need to take over the change in consumer habits. Thus, to make our offering known and express the radically different character of our approach we chose to participate in the Blue Ocean Award.” – Mathieu Pesin, Co-founder

  1. Nap&Upadaptable flash napping cocoons and giving tailored support to increase firms’ awareness

For us, as a young innovative project, this is first and foremost a challenge. It is also an opportunity to meet other stakeholders and especially experts which will help us with our project.” – Gabrielle de Valmont, Co-founder

  1. Predictice – predictive justice for professionals of the Law through algorithms to optimize their legal strategy.

For Predictice, the Blue Ocean Awards are a great opportunity to prove that, thanks to its innovations, a new market for law has emerged: Legal analytics” – Cyprien Geze, Commercial Director

  1. Epopia The interactive postal adventures to make reading and writing a game for children.

“Get your child to embark in a one of a kind postal adventure, personalized and interactive! With Epopia, they become the heroes of their own choice driven story.” – Rémy Perla, President & Founder

  1. Goodeed– make free donation, simply by watching advertisings


  1. Adel– Ethic Certification platform to give safety, transparency & trust on the use of your personal digital data

« We have decided to create ADEL with the objective to put Ethic in the heart of the digital revolution, to get trust and responsibility again between companies using digital data and our Society. » – Jérôme Béranger, Co-founder

  1. Mobibam– custom made furniture by client’s design

« The Blue Ocean approach structures our development. If entrepreneurship makes us enthusiastic, creating a new market galvanizes us! » – Paul Normier, Founder and CEO

  1. VeraCashpeer-to-peer exchange currency supported by physical gold and silver metal, which can be used everywhere, between consumers and towards professionals, without any fees or exchange costs

« As VeraCash totally changes existing the markets of currency and payment, the Blue Ocean Awards give a nice recognition on our divergent positioning and a great visibility towards French communities who want to adopt a new currency » – Jean-François Faure, President & Founder


Important note: The Blue Ocean Awards change the date from 8th of December to Friday, 15th of December 2017 due to the agenda of the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Mr. Bruno Le Maire


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