Candidater aux 9th Blue Ocean Awards : Sénégal, Afrique du Sud, Inde, USA, France, International

Apply for the 9th Blue Ocean Awards: Senegal, South Africa, India, USA, France, International

Do you know a company that has created a new Blue Ocean market?

Whether it's your company or not, whether you know its management or not, let us it exists to submit it to the Blue Ocean Awards jury!

The only condition for being a candidate: the product or service is already on the market

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Candidates to the 9th Blue Ocean Awards

To date, here's the list of companies applying to the 9th Blue Ocean Awards. If you think a company should be here, add it please!

Candidates for the Senegalese edition


Anilaye | Water treatment

Water filter fountains for purifying unimproved tap or spring water, thanks to our filter cartridges made of ceramic to retain impurities, colloidal silver to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and other micro-organisms, and activated carbon to reduce chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals...etc. The aim of this technology is to reduce plastic waste from water bottles and contribute to achieving MDG6.

Highland Institution | Institutions E-Business Gateway

Designed to provide resilience and business continuity in any economic climate, Highland Institution is an infrastructure as a service providing organizational and commercial resources for the digital migration of our institutions

Junior Entreprise ENSAE | Statistical Services

Académie des startupers, Preparing for the ENSAE entrance exam

Tanél | Modernizing health insurance in Africa

complete management software for pharmacies and insurers. Africa's first health insurance company built around a technology platform

SycaPay - Secure mobile payment integrating operators

Innovative solutions to accelerate financial inclusion on the continent through digital transformation. Helping the Informal Sector to strengthen its savings capacity and apply for loans backed by credible documentation (P&L, Scoring...)

Solarbox - tricycles, electric 2-wheelers and solar charging stations

designs and builds electric tricycles and two-wheelers for last-mile distribution in Africa, recharging at one of the network's Solarbox charging stations

Reparek - repair and resale of reconditioned electronic equipment

1st platform in West Africa dedicated to repairing electronic equipment and reselling reconditioned products

Senstartup - Association for Senegalese startups

Provides technical support for startups, from ideation to seed stage, as they move from one level of maturity to the next. It puts them in touch with the players in the ecosystem corresponding to their level of maturity, as well as with investors.


Easy access to the global market. Outalma offers services ranging from purchasing to home delivery, including storage and shipment by air and sea.

NEOLEAN - all-in-one solution for training and job boards

Responds to the need for quality training, recognized certification and professional integration in emerging countries

Maad - a marketplace connecting retailers and brands in French-speaking Africa

connects small retailers with FMCG brands, wide product selection, competitive prices and fast delivery service. Access to market data and control of marketing campaigns

Lengo - Africa's first operating system for informal commerce

Bridging the gap between the informal sector and consumer brands, aggregates their data and sells it to FMCG companies looking to "Stop guessing Africa".

KWELY - The Source of African Quality

B2B marketplace dedicated to promoting Made-In-Africa products

Gamma Link | major freight office for heavy haulage in Senegal and the West African sub-region

Digital logistics platform for faster, more reliable real-time tracking of goods and container shipments by road.

Databeez - Pan-African Ed-Tech aims to be the leader in data science, AI and analytics

First pan-African Ed-Tech exclusively dedicated to data & AI professions with a pedagogical approach based on a Big Data Platform, Analytics service offering and placement of data & AI profiles

Concree | Automatic AI support for entrepreneurs

Accelerating the progress of entrepreneurs, from ideation to Product Market Fit, thanks to adia technology: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Coaching

Club Tiossane | last-mile distribution for food and FMCG in French-speaking Africa.

Help producers/brands reach their consumers, then give them the means to grow their sales


Road transport platform connecting shippers and carriers in French-speaking West Africa: simplifying and rationalizing freight transport

Caytu | crowdsourcing robotics platform enabling the future of work.

Imagine being able to inspect a factory remotely, provide customer service or even make a delivery, all at the click of a button. Caytu revolutionizes the way we interact with robots

Afrikamart | The Fresh Produce Supply Chain Revolution in Africa

Thanks to digital technology, Afrikamart collects products from thousands of producers in rural areas to serve retailers in urban areas. Our know-how and tools enable us to build a fast, fair and sustainable supply chain.

20sur20-EDTECH, a complete and entertaining school program in video format

democratize excellence through a complete, fun curriculum in video form, and a user experience tailored to each player in the education system.

Physical and digital archiving, document audit and training

Information for action, traceability, accessibility, transparency, security and good documentary governance


The digital solution for your parcel shipments in Africa

Maadsene | Culture & Entertainment

KNOWLEDGE AND ENTERTAINMENT EVERYWHERE AND WITHOUT END. All in one subscription: Books, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Documents

La Maison LDK | First African-style luxury concierge service

To create and live unique experiences combining tradition and modernity throughout the world. Influenced by the history of African kingdoms, our ambition is to offer a high standard of service based on local products and know-how.

Sunu Bibliotech | Ensuring social inclusion

Offer communities the possibility of having public facilities that facilitate the exchange of information, the development of knowledge, digital literacy and socialization

African Puzzle WORKS | CRM for informal sector professionals

CRM of a new kind that addresses the largest number of workers in this world, namely the INFORMAL Sector = mostly unlettered with needs essentially Visual and AUDIO

XAM XAM Agrobusiness

XAM-XAM AGROBUSINESS | Agricultural Land Analysis Tool

Analyze farmland before cultivation allowing the farmer to know the level of acidity of the soil, in 60 seconds to select the appropriate crops and secure his investment. Mobile tool connected to an application, allows the farmer to probe the soil, anywhere

NeoFarm | Animal Feed & Fertilizers

High quality ingredients for animal feed and plant growth, where we raise the black soldier fly under optimal conditions. We collect organic waste to raise and process the larvae into a protein powder with high nutritional value and a fatty acid rich oil for animal feed. We also produce a low-cost natural fertilizer known to provide better yields to farmers.

Wourous | Management tool

Simple and Efficient Management Application. A specific online solution (SasS) for your needs of simple, effective and complete management in real time ideal for SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Individuals


Téri-Ami | Training and creation of intercultural content

Building bridges across people's cultural divides, whether through training or content creation, we are at your side to address the challenges that prevent you from creating a friendlier work or living environment

MOON | Energy Supply

Innovative energy and digital solutions for the inclusive development of rural communities in Africa

FURYCOM | TV Media Agency for SMEs and Startups

TV Advertising for SMEs and Startups, opens access to television communication, the most powerful and profitable media in terms of ROI and visibility.

Batiboom SARL | Facilitate your real estate investments in Senegal

High standing real estate, new or old in Senegal. Also, services to optimize your investments: rental management, financial arrangements, renovation or interior design work

Mobile Ecosystems | Mobile device & app portal

Android smartphone including your secure and smart app portal. A bespoke answer for your socio-economic development & growth generation.

NDOUGUEUL MA | Local agricultural distribution

New vision of the #Farmers' Market: produce #Local to consume #Local, place your order and you are delivered from field to plate


AND MBEY | Access to water

Access to productive water for the development of agriculture; by the realization of hydro-agricultural works and the establishment of community fields allowing the populations to make the most of these developed water points

Nawali Group| Real Estate Investment Platform

Nawali accompanies its clients, mostly from the diaspora, in the acquisition of real estate in West Africa.



Program to reinforce the know-how and the knowledge of the participants on the management of the human capital which constitutes a potential in the growth of their structure and the profitability of their activities

Esperanzia | Computer services for individuals and companies

Supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Senegal by assisting our clients in their digitalization


SenFarmers | organic fertilizers & agro marketing solution

Sustainable and profitable farming with our organic fertilizers and our online marketing solution that allows crop owners to market their stock directly through our network of buyers

My Digitalex | SEO and Growth Marketing Agency

Growth agency that helps companies better connect their solutions to their various targets. Uses SEO and acquisition strategies to increase our clients' revenues. Our mission is to promote digital strength and entrepreneurship to inspire many young inactive graduates in search of opportunities.

ApiAfrique | Healthy and sustainable products Made in Africa

Reducing waste and supporting women's autonomy in Senegal and French-speaking Africa, promoting the well-being of women and babies: ecological hygiene products and information programs to raise awareness among the population

Weerwi | Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Application designed to accompany girls and women in the discovery and monitoring of their menstrual cycle, positive, contextualized and ecological tools to improve the well-being of girls and women


LebFay | Digital Nano Credit Solution

We bring smart financial services to millions of people who do not have access to the traditional financial system. Pure digital relationship with its customers by providing fast and smart financial services, we build accurate scorings for unbanked people or people in the informal sector

Les Vergers du Sud | Online sale of healthy food products

Food production and processing. Our mission is to contribute to a better access to healthy, nutritious and sustainable food for the greatest number of people by putting on the market high quality food, ready to use or to eat at affordable prices

MAFEMINITE | The first platform that informs, networks and develops active African women

The media platform dedicated to active African women: entrepreneurship and female leadership in French-speaking Africa. Our mission is to promote the economic empowerment of women through the creation of sustainable and innovative businesses

Hydro Tech Services


Realization of hydraulic works. Project "Toolu école bi" : to give access to water in the toilets & to set up vegetable gardens in the school, to allow the young girls to avoid infectious diseases and to help the diminished families

Café Touba

Coffee Touba Al Mountakha | Coffee & infusions in capsules

Original Touba coffee 100% natural flavored with clove and Guinea pepper, coffee infusions and coffee capsules recyclable to participate in the protection of the environment


Genimi | Tutoring & enjoyable learning experience at scale

Mobile first platform that standardizes tutoring to support students in francophone Africa. Experiences to make the learning time enjoyable for kids, parents and tutors. Our goal is to have dramatic learning gains at scale. Our mission is to awaken the genius in every child for them to know how to learn and love to learn for life.

Allo-Gp | Tracking & tracing your package in real time

Africa's leading Digital Covalisage, an innovative digital service for the transportation of your parcels anywhere in the world through carriers called GP. Through our platform we make parcel shipping more efficient, more reliable and more transparent


AGRINNOV | Circular agro-ecology

integrated autonomous farm, wastewater recovery through an ecological process promoting agro-ecology and circular economy to have an abundant production - Initiative of the community of Bambey

Sn Software | Facility manager of your IT

Help you focus on your core business. We are your facility manager in IT. Your websites, your software, your network and even your surveillance cameras

Naakamou | Come for the fun, stay for the culture

Allows young people to easily get together with friends to discuss, exchange and do activities together in a fun and private immersive way. More immersive, private and enjoyable interactions, while keeping our African heritage


ART PESOUNG | Innovative Toilets

Construction and sale of ecological toilets made of compressed earth bricks with a new emerging bio-pit technology

SEN Agri Digital

SEN Agri Digital | Drone piloting workshop

Drone remote piloting workshop, a way to monitor natural resources. Why not drones for ecosystem restoration

Mytraininvest | Online education platform

Make learning and teaching more effective through active student participation and collaboration

Lebalma | Equipment Credit Sale

Why pay cash when you can buy on credit? Facilitate the acquisition of household appliances and high tech equipment on credit

Xarala Academy | Free Online Training

Xarla Academy offers an interactive and thoughtful online learning experience, where everything is taught in a hands-on manner

Yssah | Premium Courses in Dakar

From 3500 FCFA enjoy premium races in Dakar with private drivers. Wifi, water bottle and refill are provided.

Ovavtitech | Egg Incubators

Manufacture of automatic electric and solar egg incubators

Vetospeed | Veterinary services 24/7

A range of services to keep your pets in perfect health. From health check-ups to diagnostic tests to 24/7 emergency services

ANTUSS SHOP | Muslim women clothing brand

Clothing brand specializing in women's downhill wear. We apply our creations to both modern and traditional styles, colors and patterns and then combine it with modest fashion hijab

LAfricaMobile | Connect with your customers in Africa

1st multi-channel communication platform in Africa, we help you to engage your target through effective communication means

YAATOO SERVICES | 180 services and products that come directly to you

20 categories of activities: Home & Work, Household staff, Catering, Health, Private concierge, Private lessons, Beauty & Wellness, etc.) From now on, no need to move "YAATOO" at home

Made in Jolof | Senegal at your fingertips

To consume and sell the made in Senegal becomes easy

Sendeal | Senegalese Pioneer of grouped purchases

Only good deals negotiated at the best price in the merchants of your city and simplified access to articles of major international brands wherever you are in Senegal and be delivered at home

PEVA CONSULTING | Environmental Protection towards Agroecology

Modern farm design, our star product is the ubuntu farm which we are currently seeking funding for its launch

Senegal Drone Academy | Training of professional drone pilots

To train the best, most competent and professional drone and data operators in Africa

Teralma | Organize your ceremony

A solution that facilitates and digitizes each step of the organization of ceremonies in Africa

Wurus Lab | the French-speaking hub dedicated to creation

Creative space with: sound, photo/video, and post-production studios. Federator of the Senegalese creative ecosystem with the organization of dedicated events and short training courses for professionals in the cultural and creative sectors in West Africa

Elixir by Katia | Air freshener

Air freshener for car, diffuser for office, spray for home made in Senegal

Kayfo Game Studio | Video Game Development Studio

Video game studio based in Dakar, which mission is to design and produce mobile games for Africans. Our games are specifically tailored for the African markets, they offer specific content and contexts Africa

kaikai | ict4d and digital development

We offer technical and strategic consulting for using digital technologies to drive social, economic and environmental change in Africa

Cactus Innovation | Agriculture

Healthy Agriculture for a Healthy and Reasonable Food

Dolph-Stats Consulting | Your statistical consultant

Market research, opinion surveys, data mining, web mining, shopper and satisfaction surveys, polls, smiley terminals. Analytical market data and trends on products/services, recommendations to make the best decisions

Candidates for the French edition

The Oasis House | Reinventing work together

Seminar, event, team stay? The Oasis welcomes you in warm houses designed to make you feel at home, to escape and to bring out the best in you.

Caeli Energie | Conscious Cooling - Solution Climatique

Air conditioning solutions to improve your summer comfort by combining : Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective

Smart Geek | Computer troubleshooting

Your Computer Geek for Efficient Computer Troubleshooting

Independent Living Base | Bubble Tech ILB

Innovative indoor urban agriculture solution capable of continuously producing around forty species of quality fruit and vegetables, in an isothermal structure that is totally autonomous in terms of electricity and water supply.

BIM Groupe | Serving the real economy

BIM Groupe assists companies in the real economy with various issues such as financing innovation, financial engineering, relocation, industrial strategy, influence and press relations

Livmed's | Drug Delivery

Home delivery of medicines and parapharmaceuticals - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 30 minutes

My Moony | Connected belt for chronic pain

My Moony, the only connected heating-massaging belt that targets your pain (menstruation, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, low back pain)

Athana | Anti-Heat Blowout

Free yourself naturally from hot flashes. Relieve hot flashes with cold instantly, wherever you are.

Meet in Class | School Support

Find a teacher for mini-group lessons at 17 €/h

Yogist | Yoga in the office

Improve the well-being of employees by teaching them how to manage their stress in the workplace with our yoga exercises, while sitting at the office or while working from home

Toopi Organics

Toopi Organics I Urine Fertilizers

Valorizes human urine - a natural fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - by developing a solution for its collection, transformation and valorization in agricultural bio solutions. Turning human urine into a resource

Daan Tech

Daan Tech | Small Appliances

Industrial company which designs, makes, and sells innovative devices to answer the challenges of the 21st century. Throw away the sponge, get Bob !

Spliiit | Share your subscriptions, save money and enjoy more!

You want to share or subscribe to a subscription. Spliiit allows you to reduce the cost of all your subscriptions by creating your virtual family!

WAVE BUMPER | Seawall protection

The first removable, quickly deployable, seawall protection. Privileged environments in which to live, coastlines are today the focus of many socio-economic assets and have in recent years united all those who wish to protect this exceptional environmental asset.

Time for the Planet | Entrepreneurship at the service of climate emergency

Nonprofit company creating and financing companies tackling climate change on a global scale. Join us!

WIND my ROOF | Rooftop Wind Turbine

WindBox, a mixed module that combines rooftop wind turbine and solar panels to take part in the energy transition

Team Connect - Entrepreneurial development

We make your story, your vision and your values shine to develop your business and bring you closer to your customers. Expert in entrepreneurial and business development

Weapzy - Website management

24/7 support, maintenance, and optimization of WordPress websites. Speed, security, unlimited edits, backups and optimizations!

Bizibee | concierge & rental investment

Build your profitable assets, generate and perpetuate your income, build a retirement by investing in old real estate by delegating all the time-consuming jobs, rental investment, concierge services for seasonal rentals

Streeme | SaaS career and job search coaching platform

Helps business schools digitize their career development journeys and centralize all their tools and resources in one place offering their users a digital experience.

Infinite Orbits | New Space

We sell to satellite operators: surveillance, maintenance, repairs and disposal at end of life. We master a technology of autonomous navigation in space, a key enabler to find, rendezvous with and then service satellites

Carom | Social app

Carom is a social app designed to connect you in real life with like-minded people through crowd-hosted experiences

Spaciously | Platform for bran creators

Platform where young brands find physical shops to display their products - worldwide. Brand creators can rent anything from a shelf to an entire shop to display and sell their products short term. It's like Airbnb, but for retail: a Paris pajama brand can place and sell its products in a shop in Singapore, where it previously had no customers.

SkillMapper | Your true source of educational content

Search engine and learning platform that delivers personalized and multi-platform learning experiences to students and young professionals

Tremau | Content Moderation Platform

Need a platform to moderate your content? In Tremau, we've built a content moderation platform to build a safe and compliant digital world

Carbon 27 - World's first truly digital carbon credits

Builds blockchain devices that when connected to home solar panels, measure and sell carbon credits on global emissions trading markets | Fundraising, Strategic and Startup M&A advisory services

Strategic and M&A advisory services for growth companies in technology industries | France, UK, Europe

Gilbert Stockage - Your easy and flexible storage in Paris

All-inclusive storage in Paris: home collection, transportation and storage 100% secure, from 29€/month. Free online quote.

NaTakallam - High-quality language services and courses delivered by refugees

Learn a language. Change a life. NaTakallam offers award-winning, high-quality language services and courses delivered by refugees

Automi AI - Machine vision made easy

Automi simplifies machine vision to make it accessible to all trades in manufacturing companies.

LANDING | Platform for independent journalists

Information impacts your life. HEADLINE is a multimedia platform connecting content producers and audience for in-depth journalism.

Cocentris | Low code solutions

Low code solutions that provides automated high standard codes for the most recurring features in a developer's work. Foundation is delivering e-government products and services.

Getkey | Optimization of distribution costs for real estate professionals

Ad serving is an expensive and complex task. Getkey is the benchmark solution for managing your advertising costs and selling more at a lower cost

Rue Rangoli - 1st upcycling store Zero waste eco responsible

Eco responsible and ethical store. Offer original upcycling and zero waste creations. Offer an eco-friendly gift and beautiful stories from artisans/designers.

Leads 2 Keys | Prospecting tool

Save time, productivity and income: a gain in prospecting, no more lost data, value your work

LES SALONS MEDLEY | Hairdressing salons & Academy

Like its clients, Medley is a melting pot of authenticity, spirituality, exoticism and cultural richness. Our mission is to go beyond the world of hair and to do good for the body and the spirit.

K-caravan | Dry toilet modules

Self-contained connected dry toilet modules for the separate collection of faeces and urine for recycling, at an affordable price, with locally built and manageable materials

Scaleway | Cloud services

Build, deploy and scale applications on Europe's most complete cloud ecosystem, the cloud of choice.

SALUBATA | Recycled plastic shoe manufacturing

Why can't we convert plastic waste into shoes? Our customizable shoes help stamp out plastic waste in its entirety, empowering 282,000 women

African Puzzle WORKS | CRM for informal sector professionals

CRM of a new kind that addresses the largest number of workers in this world, namely the INFORMAL Sector = mostly unlettered with needs essentially Visual and AUDIO

MOON | Energy Supply

Innovative energy and digital solutions for the inclusive development of rural communities in Africa

Cohabiting Seniors | Shared & Participatory Housing for Retirees

Form a group of seniors to share a rental, co-buy a home or join a Shared House. Living between Seniors: Shared and Solidarity House for Seniors, Co-Renting, Co-Buying

Bakup | Find a doctor abroad

You are going on vacation, with your family, to the other side of the world... You need to consult a doctor in your language?

FURYCOM | TV Media Agency for SMEs and Startups

TV Advertising for SMEs and Startups, opens access to television communication, the most powerful and profitable media in terms of ROI and visibility.

Mobile Ecosystems | Mobile device & app portal

Android smartphone including your secure and smart app portal. A bespoke answer for your socio-economic development & growth generation.

Nawali Group| Real Estate Investment Platform

Nawali accompanies its clients, mostly from the diaspora, in the acquisition of real estate in West Africa.

Secure-IC | Cyber-physical security from the chip to the cloud

Protection, evaluation from design to certification of embedded systems and connected devices.


The Dandy | Beautiful as a boat

Live the Dolce Vita the French way! Take the wheel of a single-seater electric boat without a license made in France.

cest-pour-bientot | Leasing of maternity goods

Rental of equipment and childcare materials, between individuals! Promote the circular economy with C'est Pour Bientôt: it's practical, economical, ethical and smart!

Tous Travaux

All renovation work | Energy renovations

Renovation of attics and insulation from the outside, electrical upgrades, heating and solar energy for a positive energy house. Supporting the energy transition

Spliiit | Share your subscriptions, save and enjoy more!

Share or subscribe, Spliiit allows you to reduce the cost of all your subscriptions by creating your virtual family

Divacy | Change the Rules of Marketing

Application that connects individuals and marketing professionals, for better data protection and a fairer distribution of revenues

Rosaly | Payroll Simplified: My Payroll on Demand

Helps companies improve the financial well-being of their employees. How do we do it? With an on-demand payroll system, accompanied by financial education For employees, it's the easiest way to request a paycheck on account


To show that a project that mixes art / ecology and finance is possible. We want to move the lines. Project combining both its artworks and the actions of repopulation of fish of the company ECOCEAN

Recap | Reinventing occupational risk prevention

Your occupational risk prevention needs traceability. Recap is the application that simplifies and animates risk prevention in companies to reduce the number of accidents at work and to engage the personnel

Lib&Lou | Rental of toys & games

Rental of games and toys thanks to Lib&Lou. A catalog of 700 references for your baby, your children or even your teenagers

Touch Sensity

Allows to make objects and materials sensitive to physical interactions. Non-intrusive, allows to recover data from the pressure, the bending and the traction exerted on a material as well as the damages (impacts, cracks...) that it undergoes while respecting its topology and without using a sensor.