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how can i be trained in blue ocean strategy?

Free initiation

Free introductory meetups (2 hours), open to all, to share experiences

Training & coaching

The training and coaching sessions are paid, supervised by recognized experts who have been preparing the finalists for the Blue Ocean Awards since 2014

Learning by Doing

The training and coaching sessions are based on the implementation of a blue ocean strategy for one's own project or that of a carrier, which the apprentice coach will learn to accompany

our group meetup

Registrations are managed through our group Meetup Blue Ocean France, it is recommended to join it to participate in a session

how does it work?

Every month: 2 coaching sessions for entrepreneurial teams + a full seminar

Practical workshop scenarios: learning by doing

Analysis of model companies in the deployment of the Blue Ocean Strategy, in particular the winners of the Blue Ocean Award since 2014

Playful format, interactive quizzes to assimilate the Blue Ocean toolbox & principles

Collaborative work space to work in teams, in project mode, at each step of the Blue Ocean Strategy process, supervised by one of our experts

/ Trainer

Level 1 & Level 2
Per participant
Process Blue ocean shift
tools used

Level 1

Make my offer
Blue Ocean


per team


process blue ocean shift

tools used

Level 2

my Blue Ocean


Per team


process blue ocean shift

tools used

Blue Ocean project collaborative platform

your frequently asked questions

All costs for meals, breaks, workshop room, teaching materials are included in the cost of the training. Each participant is given all of the pedagogical content presented and worked on, namely: theory, case analyses, workshop support productions

All you have to do is send your OPCO or Pôle emploi (directly or via your HR) the brochure of the chosen training course (downloadable above) with your professional training agreement, which we will send you on request to: or 06 63 12 77 44.

At the end of your training or coaching session, we will send you all the documents requested for your training budget.

Our datadocked training organization is : 

AXESSIO - 11 rue Tronchet 75008 PARIS

RCS PARIS 422 470 286 - APE 7022 Z - SIRET N°: 422 470 286 00051 - registered under the number 11754937675 with the Prefecture of the Ile-de-France Region

By mail :

By phone : +336 63 12 77 44

By internal messaging in the Meetup group "Blue Ocean in Paris" you can ask questions to the organizers

ONLINE mainly

Otherwise, in our Parisian offices, in our Innovation Lab in Paris Madeleine (metro Madeleine):

Blue Ocean Awards - 11 rue Tronchet Palacio Madeleine 5th floor 75008 PARIS

Lab Innovation Blue Ocean Awards - Paris Madeleine

Lab Innovation Blue Ocean Awards - Paris Madeleine

Lab Innovation Blue Ocean Awards - Paris Madeleine

What do our participants say?

"After reading the book with interest, I was able to appreciate and experience through this seminar all the methodology around this innovative approach. Alban accompanies us at each step of the process for a better handling of the tools. We come out of this seminar with a new vision of the market and its competition, a new vision of its strategy, a vision tinged with BLUE...".
"Alban's expertise in the Blue Ocean approach has allowed us to think differently about the business we are in. Thinking about the needs of non-consumers, giving free rein to creativity, benchmarking on different approaches, Alban allowed us to broaden the spectrum of our perspectives. It's a coaching that I recommend to all those who think differently 😉"
"Through the Blue Ocean approach and Alban's experience, we managed with my two co-founders Fabrice and Arnaud, to find the right offer that creates a new market in the cosmetic sector".
"The Blue Ocean Strategy training allowed me to understand how to use this methodology and its tools in order to find a way to differentiate myself in today's highly competitive economic environment through new products/services".
"The Blue Ocean Strategy seminar, with its comprehensive approach to the Blue Ocean SHIFT process, has allowed me to understand and experience each of the key steps involved in implementing a Blue Ocean strategy".
"Blue Ocean Strategy" training is complete, operational and details each step of the Blue Ocean method. It is a particularly effective process for changing one's vision and detecting new opportunities."
"Member of the Blue Ocean Awards jury for more than 5 years, the Blue Ocean Strategy training has allowed me to deepen the methodology and to bring even more relevance to my approach in the evaluation of startups through practical experience".
"The training allowed me to deepen my knowledge of this methodology that allows me to imagine breakthrough offers. In 3 days, I was able to experiment the whole process by practicing the various tools. I will now be able to apply it in order to help the companies I support to stand out from the competition by imagining their Blue Ocean offer".
"In just two half-day coaching sessions, Alban helped me design the Blue Ocean package that I'd been looking for for years, which I then developed in two months into easy Digital Key."
"I read Blue Ocean SHIFT and then waited a year before taking the distance learning course. Alban provides all the necessary complements for reading the book. Above all, Alban passes on his rich experience of exploration interviews, which are very structured and where it would be easy to miss out. I recommend the training to anyone who wants to really apply Blue Ocean Strategy to their projects or those of their clients".
"Alban is clearly an expert on the subjects of innovation and value creation. He thinks about details that most of us forget. He has helped me to discover points and to go further in mastering certain concepts. Alban is a champion of the Blue Ocean strategy."

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